artist statement

My personal experience with difficult health issues and the accompanying treatments that I have undergone has decidedly been the influence behind my practice being concerned with the human body and the health industry.
The work ranges from the relationships between doctors and patients, to how the body can be affected by varying degrees of injuries and reactions.

The most fascinating aspect of this exploration is realising that the smallest thing can be fatal to the human body, yet every single person reacts differently to each instance. I ensure that each photograph I take has a different way of representing the health concern, due to the fact that there is no singular way that a human body will react. This fascination came from my severe allergic reaction to penicillin – a tiny pill that almost killed me – yet is a regular anti-biotic for the majority of people. The fragility of the body is taken somewhat for granted, and with my photographs I aim to bring to light that the body is not as durable as we like to believe.



A note on LEON:

I completed this project in 2011. It takes a look at Leon Fender Walker, an ex-prisoner and ex-heroin addict. Whilst in prison, he became part of an organisation called Jail Guitar Doors run by Billy Bragg, where he used music as rehabilitation. He is now out of prison, has been clean from heroin for over 3 years, and has played at festivals such as Glastonbury. An inspirational story.